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Creatures of Brazilian Folklore

The brazilian Folklore is amazing and biggest, with many, many interesting characters like monster, supernatural creatures, mermaids, giants, Gods, strange and powerfull warriors and demons. I love it and I try to draw and bring to life these characters under my vision. Some creatures I show in this project and they make part of the great universe of Jaguara!

Altemar domingos mapinguari final prev

Mapinguari - The most powerful and bigger creature Jaguara has ever faced

Altemar domingos concept mapinguari

Mapinguari - Sketch with pencil

Altemar domingos jaguara v kuc a 200

Kuc-A - This monstruous alligator is a dangerous enemy

Altemar domingos concept kuc a

Kuc-A - Sketch with pencil

Altemar domingos mula02 envio

Anhanga-tata - The horrible flaming beast - sketch with pencil

Altemar domingos jurupari

Jurupari - The supreme deamon and principal enemy of Jaguara

Altemar domingos tupa

TupĆ£ - The demigod of thunder and storms

Mapinguari - Digital painting of this beatiful creature. Set of Green Velvet.

Jurupari - Digital painting of the master deamon. Set by Carl Cox.