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Jaguara is a great warrior and sovereign of Jaguaretama, a valley located in the immense Amazon. She is the only warrior to control the milenar "Spear of Tupã", a powerfull weapon created by Tupã, the god of thunders. Her history is basead on
Brazilian indigenous culture. Some cretures of this incredible world comes to Brazilian Folklore, like Saci, Mapinguari, Kurupira and others fantastic characters. My intention to share my work with Jaguara, is to transforming this comic book in a game one day. So, let´s go!!!

Altemar domingos jaguara poster perfil

Jaguara - The great warrior

Altemar domingos jaguara arcodetupa preview

Jaguara - Done to combat with his powerfull bow

Altemar domingos jaguara

Jaguara - The great sovereign

Altemar domingos jaguara uniforme combate2

Jaguara - New combat armor

Altemar domingos jaguara pose jaguar cor

Jaguara - Like a jaguar

Altemar domingos jag online01 pag05 q03 blog final

Jaguara - Strikes the enemy

Altemar domingos grito jaguara

Jaguara - The victory's scream

Altemar domingos concept kuc a

Jaguara - Against the monstrous Kuc-A

Jaguara - My process of digital painting of Jaguara. Set by Carl Cox.