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Jaguara Mirim

This is the cute version of the great sovereign: Jaguara Mirim. But, this little warrior is very brave and eaten. Her friends of adventures are incredibles and braves too (less the big Jaguareteguaçu)! Nora, the green snake, is her best friend for all the time. Jaguareteguaçu, the big jaguar, is very strong but he have afraid for anything. Joati is a brave warrior and ever try to tell a good joke. Kaique, the white acari monkey, is very troublemaker and clumsy. Lastly, Tuko, the toucan, is extremely annoying but, misteriously, is the only one who laughs at Joati's boring jokes! These characters are evolving their draw's style, how that you can see in an illustration on this project. One children's book and a game are my main plans to them!

Altemar domingos book01 jagmirim cena07 final2

Jaguara Mirim - Meet her friends Nora, Joati and Kaique

Altemar domingos book01 jagmirim cena01

Jaguara Mirim - Looking a sunrise at far horizon

Altemar domingos book01 jagmirim cena02

Jaguara Mirim - Talk with her father Aguaratã

Altemar domingos poster jag mirim

Jaguara Mirim - And her friends under first layout for her universe